Following our care recommendations will ensure that your Good Night® sheets will perform at their best and be comfortable for longer time.


  • Choose a gentle wash cycle with cold or warm water (40°C). Hand wash the cotton sheets with delicate.
  • Separate dark colors from light colors. It is normal for darker-colored sheets to shed some excess dye in the first few washes. We recommend to wash before first use.
  • Use mild detergents to minimize discoloration and maintain fabric softness.
  • Dissolve your chosen washing agent fully in the washing machine with water before adding sheets. Never add detergents directly onto sheets as patches of uneven color may occur. Never use chlorine bleach on colored sheets, as it will cause permanent stains.



  • Separate dark colors from light colors. It is normal for darker-colored sheets to shed some.
  • Dry your sheets to keep them fresh and be sure to avoid direct sunlight to prevent color fading.
  • Tumble dry on a warm / medium setting, however be sure to remove and fold sheets for storage promptly after drying to minimize creasing. If you over-dry or use a dryer setting that is too hot, your sheets will have a harsh feel on the skin, deep-set creases and if often repeated, a shorter lifespan.
  • Load your dryer with care. Over loading will make the sheets cannot move easily in the dryer that will cause creasing, take longer time and use more electricity.



  • Set the temperature at medium / high heat. Cotton tends to wrinkle, especially when new. With use, your cotton sheets will get softer and wrinkle less.
  • Avoid starch spray as it can make the fabric lose its softness.



  • Store your sheets in a cool, dry closed space, allowing enough room for air circulation. Avoid exposure of direct light for extended period of time. 
  • Line shelves made of unfinished wood as it can eventually stain your bed linen.